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Taisha Ryan's Books 


Makai Hall reigns supreme as the owner of the hottest club in New York City. A businessman of magnetic charm, he thrives in the realm of glittering lights, exclusive parties, and the vibrant nightlife. But on one pivotal night, fate takes an unexpected turn. He crosses paths with the one person he least expects. Lauren Weller. A beautiful woman with a tumultuous past, yet fierce spirit, who captured his heart since day one. Now a successful attorney, she has long since blossomed from the around-the-way girl he once knew. Fond memories rush back. Old feelings resurface. And Makai finds himself caught up in the whirlwind of his past. But there’s only one problem.

She’s the love of his brother’s life.

And as the saying goes…some lines aren’t meant to be crossed. Or are they?



Tormented psychologist Josiah Miller hasn’t been the same since his daughter’s death. He swore to himself that those responsible would suffer.  Even if it means taking matters into his own hands. His marriage, destroyed. Family, gone. He buries himself in his work to keep sane. That’s until Anya Brown walks into his office. The beautiful, recently divorcee who’s searching to heal from her broken past. She is unlike any client he’s ever counseled. Her radiance captivates him. And he begins to question everything he’s ever learned about love.

But can love survive turmoil?

The warpath of revenge is a vicious one. And Josiah won’t rest until he destroys every soul that crossed him. Will Josiah ever learn to move on and find peace within himself? Or will the thirst for revenge spiral him down a path of self-destruction?



Get money by any means necessary. A motto that Ivy Moore lives by. She’s determined to escape the grim streets of Watts, LA, even if it means seducing the wealthiest of men to do so. But her plans crumble when she meets Ramon Santos. The irresistible man with an aura so powerful, it throws her off her game. And after a night of fiery passion, Ivy learns the truth about who he is. 

Ramon Santos vowed to make a difference in his community when he became a parole officer. Giving up the inheritance of his father’s throne, he decided to succeed on his own.  But things take a turn when he is assigned a new client. Ivy Moore. The alluring seductress who had shaken his world beyond his imagination.

But lines have been crossed.

His reputation, at stake. Her freedom, in jeopardy. They must keep things strictly professional.  But what happens if the memories of that passionate night won’t disappear? Will they resist the feelings of lust? Or succumb to the dangerous temptation that could potentially ruin both of their lives?





U.S. Army soldier, Damien ‘DJ’ Jr. vowed to carve his own path. Be the upstanding man his late father never was.

But when a disturbing truth about himself is revealed, DJ is discharged from the Army and forced to face the brutal reality—he and his father are more alike than he imagined.

Searching for answers, he ventures off to Miami to meet the one man who knew his father the most. Frankie Peters. His estranged godfather that he hasn’t seen in over 20 years. But DJ’s mission goes awry when he finds himself wrapped in a passionate love affair with Frankie’s precious daughter, the beautiful—and married—Layla Adams. All the while, battling vicious demons he can’t seem to escape. When an unexpected revelation alters his world as he knows it, DJ soon realizes only he has the power to save himself.

He just has to find a way.


The pain of betrayal pierces like a knife. And now Jahsir Martin is on a warpath to seek vengeance. But little does he know, the battle is more vicious than he could ever imagine. Because, what do you do when your biggest adversary is yourself? When the mirror tells the ugly truth, and the shadows of the past loom from a distance, it takes more than willpower to conquer through it all. In life, there is no redemption without restoration. No more running.
It's time to face the past.
The truth.
And most of all…
The music.



Fame. Powerful enough to destroy the purest of souls. And recording artist, Jahsir “Jah Soul” Martin is on the brink. Low album sales. Struggling music career. And a rocky breakup, that nearly pushes him over the edge. Until one day, he crosses paths with Nari Williams. A sweet, island girl, from Jamaica with an alluring beauty, exceptional gift for cooking, and an aura bright enough to radiate his spirit. He’s enamored. And determined to have her. When tragedy strikes Nari’s homeland, he invites her to his world in L.A. with an offer that will inevitably change her life. And his. Feelings ignite. Passion emerges. Love flourishes. But can it sustain? In Hollywood where money, fame, and lust reign supreme, morals are tested as two broken souls grapple with their sanity for the sake of love…and a peace of mind. 

Y E L L A ​
Red and blue sirens. The last thing Yella Cooper remembered the night her world was destroyed before her eyes. It’s been four years since the incident, and she is now forced to pick up the broken pieces and move on with her life. But things take a different turn when she meets Lorenzo Reed. A tattoo artist and painter from out of town, with an eclectic style and charisma. 
As feelings intertwine and passion rises beyond the surface, Yella is propelled into new territory she didn’t expect. However, in life, nothing is ever as good as it seems. And as the shadows of her past looms not too far behind, Yella quickly learn the consequences of running away from the very demons that haunt her. And in order to prosper in her own light, she must first face the darkness before it suffocates her.
Heart's Warfare

Amari Starks has nothing else to lose. His fiancée dropped him like a bad habit. And he just quit his corporate job that nearly drove him insane. So, when his friend Izzy, an independent filmmaker, reaches out to him in need of a favor, he agrees. 
Not on
ly does he need a break. He would finally have the chance to chase his childhood passion. Film. But here’s the catch. He would have to leave his comfy life in New York. And travel all the way to Nigeria to capture footage of the destructive terrorist organization, Si Jinde. His biggest challenge yet. His life then takes a whole different speed, when he meets Yewa, a fiery seductive temptress from Nigeria.
With the heart of a lioness. And a hustler’s spirit, survival is all Yewa knows. Love is not. That is until she meets Amari Starks, a man different from what she’s used to. When their worlds collide, something beyond their comprehension compels them together. And both hearts are tested in ways they never imagined as they fight their toughest battle yet…love.



Death seemed like the only option for Andre “Dre” Grant. After his daughter is murdered, his life spirals out of control and he jumps in front of a train to end it all. But when his life is miraculously saved by a Good Samaritan, he is forced into a psych ward to face his repercussions. It is there, he learns the truth that his daughter, Destiny, has actually been alive and is in the custody of Ava Hunter, the sister of his deceased baby-mother. Andre vows to stop at nothing to see Destiny again. Even if it means disrupting the life of Ava to do so. 
After the tragic death of her sister, Ava Hunter promised to take care of her niece, Destiny, by any means necessary. But never in a million years, had she expected Andre Grant to show up at her doorstep. The same man who destroyed the very lives of the people she loved. Repulsed, Ava wants nothing to do with him. But Andre has other plans. 
In this fueling tug-a-war, emotions run high. Hearts are put to the test. Anything is bound to happen. 
Are they both ready for it?


Things couldn’t get any worse for boxing superstar, Cameron Lewis. He is falsely accused of rape. And in a blink of an eye, his entire career ruptures into shambles. From heavyweight champion to now a convicted felon with a tarnished reputation, he must now find a way to rebuild everything he’s ever worked for. By any means possible. Even if that means volunteering at a women’s shelter. So, when his publicist introduces him to Sharese Wilson, the bossy CEO of a non-profit organization for battered women, things take an interesting turn.
For Sharese “Reese” Wilson, her life is her career. And being the boss, she doesn’t have time for any games. At all. So, when her friend, Yasmine, offers her the ridiculous idea of involving Cameron with her organization, she immediately refuses. He is everything she’s against. Arrogant, misogynistic, promiscuous, and most of all…a rapist. 
Yet, their attraction is undeniable. 
Before they know it, they find themselves tangled in a web of lust and hot passion, with both hearts caught in the middle. Now what are they to do? This is definitely not what they bargained for. 

Brown Silk 

Seventeen year old, Tianna Harper, never expected to leave Georgia. But after her mother lands a new job overseas, she is forced to leave her small rural town and move up North with her crazy, no-holds-barred, aunt in Brooklyn. Fast paced. Full of life. New York is nothing like back home. And with the help of her cousin, Lavina, Tianna learns to adjust to the new way of life in the busy city. However, everything as she knows it changes, when she meets Damien, a smooth talking, baby faced brother from around the way, who manages to turn her life completely upside down. 
A coming of age story, compellingly painted with the rich essence of 1970’s through early 90’s New York, Brown Silk shares the gripping tale of a young girl’s journey to womanhood, as she discovers the poignant beauty of love, pain, and self-acceptance. 


Life changed for Zara the night of her 21st birthday. Her best friend, Trish, was killed in a drunk driving accident. And it’s all her fault. Burdened by guilt, Zara lived a life of drugs, sex, and destruction. Now 5 years later, she is sober, free and on probation. Ready to turn her life around, she calls up the one person she could trust, her sister, Reyna, who offers her a place to stay until she gets back on her feet. There’s only one thing. Trish’s older brother, Vance, who is also the best friend of Reyna’s fiancé, is staying there as well, after a house fire renders him homeless. It’s been years since the accident and he still hasn't gotten over his sister’s death. He is full of rage. And will do anything in his power to make Zara’s life a living hell. Just her luck. Now she has to endure months under the same roof as the man who hates her with every piece of his soul. Not to mention, the same man she’s loved since her teenage years. 
Will Zara ever find a way to make him forgive her for his sister’s death? Will she ever learn to forgive herself? Or will the demons of the past destroy them beyond repair?

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