U.S. Army soldier, Damien ‘DJ’ Jr. vowed to carve his own path. Be the upstanding man his late father never was.

But when a disturbing truth about himself is revealed, DJ is discharged from the Army and forced to face the brutal reality—he and his father are more alike than he imagined.

Searching for answers, he ventures off to Miami to meet the one man who knew his father the most. Frankie Peters. His estranged godfather that he hasn’t seen in over 20 years. But DJ’s mission goes awry when he finds himself wrapped in a passionate love affair with Frankie’s precious daughter, the beautiful—and married—Layla Adams. All the while, battling vicious demons he can’t seem to escape. When an unexpected revelation alters his world as he knows it, DJ soon realizes only he has the power to save himself.

He just has to find a way.
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